Energy to Art: How Blockchain is Transforming the Monetisation of Assets

Date & Time: April 22th, 6pm - 7pm Eastern

Event Type: Online & In-Person

Location: TWO39 Work, Bonita Springs Florida

For the last 5 years, Neil has been on a journey from New York to London and Berlin, working with some of the pioneers of blockchain in energy and more recently adding luxury assets and art into the mix. He is currently the founder of a London-based startup using blockchain for new ownership models for clean energy as well as advising an art and luxury trading platform. He will be sharing his real-life experiences in these sectors to lift the lid on how technology is transforming these traditional businesses.

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About Neil Pennington:

Neil Pennington has driven technology-enabled business in clean energy, asset trading, fintech, cross border co-operation in criminal matters, to name a few, through digital, decentralization, blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity. He believes that giving people the opportunity to access and own their piece of the things that impact their lives, and those of their communities (local, virtual, global), is the true path to creating value and changing the world.

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